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Press: May 19, 2007 Press Release
Posted on Wednesday, February 27 @ 07:18:32 PST
Topic: Press articles about Scott
Laser Eye Records is proud to announce the debut CD release of "All The Wisdom," by singer/songwriter Scott Thompson. Scott is a Michigan native with a professional career in music that dates back to his teens. He has performed throughout the MidWest in acts that range from jazz to rock to progressive rock. "All The Wisdom" represents Thompson's experiences as a multi-instrumentalist in these settings, and also captures his songwriting talents.

The album, somewhere between a later-career Peter Gabriel record blended with guitar stylings similar to Dave Matthews, features songs based on personal experiences and others blended with fiction. Producer John Piasentin comments: "The CD was a challenge to make in that every song had a completely different flavor, and a new approach had to be taken with each one individually. I really think the range of moods represented across the tracks makes for a very interesting listen - as well as the varied instrumentation used from track to track."

Thompson's influences are well represented. For the hardcore progressive rock fanatic, there are Mellotron sounds, 12-string guitars and Taurus pedals (refer to "Misguided" for the lush mellotron samples and "Your Name" for the bass pedals). Subtle nods to groups like Marillion and Spock's Beard are evident on many tracks - progressive rock flavorings woven within music with the potential for popular appeal. Each song carries its own set of hooks, with nothing on the album prone to being forgotten.

The fan of singer/songwriter types like James Taylor can enjoy "A New Song" - the only solo guitar/vocal piece on the CD; and "Higher You Fly" - which Scott performs on guitar and piano, with a colorful cello rounding out the mix. Full band arrangements blend multiple guitars and keyboards to set the mood for songs like "After" and "The Wind, The Water and The Woman."

Scott adds: "I used an 'Ebow' for the first time on 'The Letting Go.' We knew there was a good hook in the guitar line alone, but the Ebow really set the tone for the piece."

The title track draws many comparisons to The Indigo Girls - featuring vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar. Finally, moments in "Close The Door" and "Your Name" round out the album's "aggressive" edge with blaring guitars and Scott's more passionate vocal performances.

Masterful percussion was provided by Jeff Moehle of "The Butterfat Trio" and formerly "Knee Deep Shag" (see www.jeffmoehle.com)

Scott has been busy promoting the CD in live performances and online. His web site is www.thompsonmusic.net. A very special CD Release show is scheduled for Sunday, June 10th at Kraftbrau in Kalamazoo , MI . Work on his follow-up CD will begin later this year. In addition, Scott has returned to his band, The Fogotton Sons, which is actively working on a new live set to be performed at the fifth annual Toxic Bash in St. Clair Shores, MI this summer - and elsewhere.

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